Online Learning website - Students Collaboration and Social Website

Online Learnign website, this website provide online study materials exames, notes,lectures and guides. user can create collaboration groups to work together, It sort out the courses and study materials of all the universities of Germany. It provides an opportunity for the students to ask questions and get answers, Complete and user friendly administration panel.


  1. Student Groups
  2. Student Collaboration Dashboard and Tools
  3. Task Sharing and Management
  4. Calender View
  5. Files Sharing
  6. Invite Friends and Fellows in Groups
  7. Group Joining and Group Creation
  8. Study Material
  9. Documents Search (keyword base)
  10. Question and Answer portal
  11. Admin Panel
  12. Multilanguages (German and English)

Technologies Used:

  1. PHP & MySQL
  2. Jquery
  3. Ajax
  4. HTML & CSS
  5. Facebook

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